The Importance of Translation in Today’s World

  • AUTHOR Andie Nguyen
  • PUBLISHED ON: 1월 18, 2022
  • PUBLISHED IN: Translation

As the world evolves, English is becoming more popular. More and more employers nowadays require English as a must-have skill for their employees. And in a world where everyone speaks English, the importance of translation can be somewhat hazy. In addition, common translation tools like Google Translate can easily solve the rest.

However, is it really that simple? Will we no longer need translation and translators will be out of jobs in the future? This article will help you define the paramount importance of translation and why we still need it regardless of technological innovations.

People need their native language


English is indeed the most prominent language today, and everyone needs it for various reasons. So, one might question why doesn’t everybody just speak English?

Most of those made up of English speakers speak English as a second language. This means that they would actually prefer to communicate in their mother tongue. And, your product is likely to be purchased more if you translate your advertising to the native language of your target market.

But why is that? I mean, they do understand English, right? Well, it is true that they have no problem understanding what you are trying to say, but speaking their native language brings a sense of familiarity and is more likely to reach their heart.

In addition, not everyone can speak English or have the access to learning it. Sure, many people speak English today, but there are more of those who don’t. And just because they can speak some English, doesn’t mean they can understand it well enough to use it in their daily life. Therefore, even though there’s a considerable number of people speak English nowadays, translation is still imperative for most people.

Translation fuels the global economy

As communication and travel advance, more companies are expanding their business to overseas markets. Geography is now becoming less of a barrier. Internet and technology make it easier for businesses to take advantage of cheap labor and new market consumers. The only stop-gap left is language.

Translation undoubtedly fuels the global economy. Without it, many businesses we know today would not exist. Companies need translation and interpretation in order to communicate effectively and grow their business in a new market. Millions of project documentation, trade agreements, contracts, or websites need translating, interpreting and auditing every day according to… 

The importance of translation to the spread of information

Social media spreads false information about health care that is hurting patients

One major benefit of translation is that you can reach a larger audience. As said above, not everyone speaks English. People also prefer news and entertainment media like movies or videos presented in their languages. Without translation, cinema and movie-making companies can’t attract audiences and sell their movies or tickets. That’s why most videos and television shows today are dubbed or at least subtitled.

Translation is also necessary for the spread of information, knowledge, and ideas. People come to know different works, books, ideas through translation. Take for example, if there’s no one to translate Arabic, ideas of ancient Greek philosophers could have been lost in the Middle Ages. Or, if the Bible had not been translated into over 531 languages, would Christian religion spread throughout the globe?

The spreading of information depends greatly on translation. It helps us keep updated on news and events happening around the world through our own languages. Without translation, many ideas and innovations, technology, or even life-saving medicine and machines will not be able to be shared.

Translation promotes tourism

Surely tourism might not have thrived so much with the lack of translators and interpreters. From travel documents, brochures to terms and conditions agreements, not only does translation help businesses to reach more customers, but it also allows people to get access to cultures around the world without having to learn multiple languages.

Imagine yourself going to a country where English is not common (not to mention if you don’t understand English), how can tourists communicate with local people, or learn about new cultures without proper interpreters and travel guides.

Translation service is necessary

Now you know how important translation is, especially in a world where we continuously exchange news, thoughts, and cultures. But how can you take advantage of the vast opportunities that are brought about by translation?

Well, thankfully there are a vast number of translators and professional translation agencies out there that are ready to provide you with the best translation service. Whether it is your birth certificates or your company’s new software waiting to be localized into several languages, language services providers like MOBICO can guarantee high-quality translation in a culturally appropriate manner that helps dismantle boundaries and walls.