Localization Services

We make changes and adapt the content, products, and services to your target markets with our localization services.


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Localization Services

Localization is the process in which materials are translated and made changes in every element to adapt to the taste of target audiences. It includes but is not limited to translation.
MOBICO assists businesses in building and deploying globally with our real-time localization services. We offer localization services for up to 180+ languages.
Our team works closely with professional linguists from over 50 countries and territories across the globe. We broaden the horizons of any company looking to venture into international markets.

The Importance Of Localization

Local Content That Make Sense
Technical terms vary from one language to another, and some terms in one language do not yet have equivalent in other languages. That’s why sometimes translation is not enough. You need a translator who can localize the content in ways that your audiences can understand.
Attract More Audiences With Appealing Products
Localization adjusts images, design, styles, color, and other assets of your website and video. It helps increase the visual appeal of your marketing products to fit the taste of your customers, therefore attracting more audiences and boosting more sales.

MOBICO's Scope of Localization

  • Document Localization Services
    We provide customers and business partners with high-quality document localization services. With our services, your document’s content and format will be translated and converted to suit your target audience’s tastes and social norms.
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  • Website Localization Services
    At MOBICO’s website localization services, your website will experience changes in style, content, and illustrations to successfully adapt to the international context. We are your trusted partner, providing you with a beautiful, well-organized, and user-friendly website.
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  • Video Localization Services
    Our video localization services support the translating and localizing of your video content. We make sure that your digital videos are translated into the audiences’ language in a culturally appropriate manner. In addition, other factors like subtitles, thumbnails will also be taken into consideration.
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  • App Localization Services
    We translate and adjust the instructions, description, and other app features according to your target markets’ tastes and cultures with our app localization services. MOBICO ensures that your app maintains its functionalities and works as if it was developed by natives.
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“We accompany brands and businesses around the globe in achieving their global objectives through a full-suite Localization solution”

  • Certified Services ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015
    Member of ATA and JTF
  • Fast Delivery Available for urgent orders
    Good services to be delivered on-time
  • 24/7 Support Available support via email, chat and call
    Personal project management

We localize a variety of languages

MOBICO covers a wide variety of languages. We guarantee the best practice with the most reasonable price.

  • — Chinese (ZH)
  • — Korean (KO)
  • — Japanese (JA)
  • — Malay (MS)
  • — Thai (TH)
  • — Indonesian (ID)
  • — Vietnamese (VN)
  • — Khmer (KM)
  • — Lao (LO)

Localization Process

To guarantee high-quality localization services, MOBICO directs each project through the following series of activities:

  1. 1 Content Analysis Examine all elements of a product and highlight specific aspects that need adaptation.
  2. 2 Content Management Pull aspects that will receive localization from the original format.
  3. 3 3-Step Translation Process 1. Translating, 2. Edit, 3. Proofreading
  4. 4 Desktop Publishing Ensure that the visual impact matches the message with the newly implemented content.
  5. 5 Back Conversion Convert content back into its original format.
  6. 6 Quality Assurance Run project through a meticulous quality assurance check.
  7. 7 In-Context QC Check the final format to confirm that the conversion did not cause any corruption.
  8. 8 Finalization Deliver the final product to you, the customer, and make sure it attains your approval.