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In 2022, through expansion and global collaboration, Wonwon Soft, Saltlux Partners and Saltlux Inc.’s Gwangju Lab came together as Saltlux Innovation, providing various AI collaboration businesses and language intelligence services.

We named our language service “MOBICO” – which stemmed from the root of technology translation and electronic publishing back in 1979.

Despite the constant innovations, our MOBICO team is determined to maintain our service quality. We are proud to build on that solid foundation of trust and ethical standards developed by our team members, customers, community partners, government officials, and other important stakeholders.

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What We Do

With more than 40 years of experience in the language services industry, multilingual translating and localizing are our greatest strength. With linguistic backgrounds and a deep understanding of cultural differences, our native-speaking translators provide top-notch language services. We guarantee you a quality translation in every possible scenario, ranging from marketing, technical and engineering, automotive, finance and banking, retail to pharmaceutical.

  • 63+ Language Pairs
  • 750M+ Words in Total
  • 400+ Clients
  • $2M+ Average Annual Revenue


Our language services adhere to stringent quality control methods and standards, which have won us the accreditation and support of many reputable organizations.

  • ISO 9001

    ISO 9001 is the international standard that certifies products/services provided by an organization comply with the international quality management standards. MOBICO’s ISO 9001 certification demonstrates that the language services we offer you have met the international regulatory requirements. This certification reflects our company services’ continuous improvements.

  • ISO 17100

    ISO 17100 is an internationally recognized standard for translation firms that includes crucial processes for delivering language services. In May 2020, MOBICO acquired ISO 17100 certification for our translation and localization services. This certification indicates that our quality management process meets stringent expectations and we adhere to it consistently and effectively.

  • ATA

    The American Translators Association (ATA) is a non-profit association connecting and supporting induviduals and organizations in the language industry in United States. The relationship we built with ATA allows us to leverage resources and extend our reach. As a member of ATA, we guarantee always to bring you the most professional and high-class service.

  • JTF

    The Japanese Translation Federation (JTF) is the largest association of translators and language firms in Japan. JTF’s members adhere to a strict code of ethics and standards of translation service. Our partnership with JTF broadens the opportunities for both communities to share expertise while also advancing the global development of translation businesses.

Our Services

We are more than just a translation agency. At MOBICO, we provide all-you-can-think-of multi-language services and translation services. Select any service and explore our customization for you!

Translation Tools

These software programs are to make the translations uniform and reduce the time and energy spent on looking for equivalents.

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Prime-Quality Language Services

Here at MOBICO, we work with hundreds of native-speaking translators worldwide. Our translators promise to bring you the highest quality translation that matches the tastes and norms of your target audiences.

Safe and secured
We secure data by signing NDAs with all parties involved in the project, including clients, vendors, employees. All the information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and will be used only for project managing purposes.
Trusted by top leaders
We are proud that plenty of the world’s largest governments, organizations, and enterprises trust us to process their branding materials, product manuals, all kinds of confidential documents, patents, publications.
Dedicated staffs
Quality is, first and foremost, our top priority. Our staff members enrolled in various professional training and development programs to make sure technical communication and project billing between multiple executors are transparent and faultless.

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Our Happy Clients Say

  • MOBICO is a trustworthy brand. They always provide transparent communication and efficient solutions. They also give out clear and prompt answers when I was in need of consultation. Moreover, they were excellent at producing high-quality language services. I highly appreciate their willingness to improve themselves in case of any corrections or feedback.

    VeryWellServices SRL Project Manager
  • I highly recommend using translation services and localization services provided by MOBICO. If you are looking for a language services provider that can give you prompt service and great support then they are the answer.

    Alpinion Project Manager

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