Website Localization

MOBICO offers website localization services that can adapt your original website to suit your target audience culturally.

Website Localization Services


Website localization is the process of adapting a website to suit a specific group of customers, usually audiences that speak another language. When localizing a website, there’re several factors you should consider.
First is the technical aspect, which includes ensuring that the site code can handle alphabets with different characters and symbols. Then there’s the language aspect, in which you need to make sure that the translation process is aware of local cultural sensitivities.

Elements such as colors or images also need to be carefully chosen when localizing websites. For example, your infographics should not use colors that are considered unlucky by the target audience.


MOBICO has years of experience providing Website localization services for businesses and agencies worldwide. We offer tailored solutions to suit your target market’s tastes and social norms, helping you achieve your goals.

  • Domain names
  • Newsletters
  • Page layout
  • Navigation structure

MOBICO's' Website Localization Service

WHAT WE DO MOBICO guarantees high-quality, fast turnaround, and error-free Website localization services for our clients. Our team of experts ensures that the design and text of your website are well adapted to the formal and cultural preferences of your target audience.

Our advantages

We have a wide range of qualified and skillful linguists with years of experience in translating.

  • Linguists with BA, MSc., Ph.D. degrees in multiple industries
  • Consistent correct spellings of names, places, and technical terms
  • Experienced in translating for different projects and familiar with various document types

Client Success Stories

We embrace holistic development and support to become a first-choice Language Service Provider within our sectors.

  • Korea Development Bank
    Client’s introduction: Government-run bank established to support corporate finance under the Korea Development Bank Act
    Language: KO – EN, ZH, JA
  • Thai Airways
    Client’s introduction: Thailand’s national and international airline
    Language: KO – EN
  • SK Broadband
    Client’s introduction: Fixed-line telecommunication service providing company.
    Language: KO