Arabic Translation

With more than 40 years of experience, MOBICO pledges to give you top-rated Arabic translation services.

About Arabic

More than 400 million people speak Arabic as their first language, making it the 5th most spoken language globally. In the 7th century, Arabic followed the Islamic conquer and spread across many countries. Today, it is the main language spoken in the Middle East, North Africa, Central, Western Asia, and parts of China. About 25 countries have claimed Arabic as the co-official language of their countries. As more Arabic-speaking expatriates migrate to different parts of the world, Arabic also continues its spreading.

  • 5th Most Speaking Language Worldwide
  • 466 M+ Language Speakers
  • 292 M+ Native Language Speakers
  • 31+ Countries speak Arabic

What's special about this language?

  • Arabic originated from a language known as Proto-Semitic, making it part of the Afro-Asiatic group of world languages. Today Arabic is considered to be part of the Arabo-Canaanite branch of the Western Semitic languages.
  • This language has various dialects depends on the countries that speak Arabic. There are 2 main dialects of Arabic: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and colloquial varieties. MSA is the official language of all Arab countries, and it is the only form of Arabic taught in schools. However, MSA has no native speakers but is taught in school. MSA was created out of classical Arabic, the language of religious practice throughout the Islamic world. In contrast, colloquial varieties refer to regional dialects used in everyday communication and popular culture. This is learned as the first language and has numerous variants depending on geography.
  • Many English words originated from certain Arabic words, and they entered English mainly from other languages like French or Spanish. For example, we can see many words start with al– (the definite article in Arabic) in English, such as algebra, alcohol, alcove.

MOBICO's Arabic Translation Services

With more than 40 years of experience in the language service, MOBICO provides top-notch Arabic translation services for our customers. We have a wide range of native language experts that can provide translation for up to 180+ languages. In addition, we also provide you with fast and qualified services, and 24/7 support regardless of where you are.

Types of content we work with

We provide translation services in any file format, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, XML, PDF, InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Here are some types of content that we work with:

We provide translation services for a wide range of content:

  • Contracts
  • Books
  • Reports
  • Manuals
  • Guidelines

Why Choose Us?

MOBICO’s key offerings and supporting services are the reasons why you should choose our Arabic translation services.

  • Budget control We calculate your budget based on document length, technical difficulty, formatting, and other variants.
  • Terminology management We ensure the document's consistency and leverage translated materials with our extensive database of terminologies.
  • Professional layout We make changes to the layouts and illustrations of your file to give you beautifully designed documents.